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Japan's ultimate health & beauty secret revealed...

Pure, concentrated silica essence

with natural mountain water from the Land of the Rising Sun

Skin and Health Benefits of Silica


Keeps your skin healthy & prevents wrinkles


Enhances healthy hair growth


Removes body odour


Prevents osteoporosis


Removes pesticides from fruits and vegetables


Eliminates body fat & lowers cholesterol

Ever wondered why the Japanese live longer & younger than the rest of the world?

Their secret: a traditional diet rich in fresh vegetables grown in mineralised soil enriched with nutrients, together with pure mountain water fortified with minerals. One of the key minerals that contributes to this low-calorie, high-antioxidant content of their diet is 'shirika' (シリカ) - 'silica' in Japanese.

Silica is an essential mineral scientifically proven to improve our overall health and beautify our skin, and can be found in traces in fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, much of our agricultural soil has been demineralised due to erosion and excessive use of chemical fertilisers. Additionally, commercially processed foods also result in loss of minerals, which brings about a significant deficiency in silica. This means that by the time we reach adulthood, our body has lost about 85% of its silica content. The results - soft and brittle nails, premature wrinkles, dry or thin skin, thinning or loss of hair, poor bone development, osteoporosis, hardening of arteries, and so on.

That is why REJUQ Shirika doubles as a silica skin care product and a health supplement that addresses these issues and that can be applied topically and consumed directly. Made of pure silica extracted and distilled using patented Japanese technology, it’s no wonder that adults, kids and even our furry pets love this all-in-one goodness wonder in a bottle.


REJUQ Shirika helped lowered my cholesterol level  from 260mg/dl to 200mg/dl in 5 months! I’m glad that I do not have to take any medication now.

Sam, 38

Thanks to REJUQ Shirika!  I'm now 80% acne free. It has given me a new lease of confidence. I've tried everything from acne medication to all sorts of skincare products but my acne problem is still unsolved. I believed that my acne was caused by the high acidity level in my blood and accumulated toxin from the food that I consumed. By drinking and applying REJUQ Shirika for about 3 month, my skin problem was totally solved!

Carrie, 22

I have consuming REJUQ Shirika for the past 8 months and it had solved my uric acid, high cholesterol and high blood pressure problem which had  been with me for years!

Mdm Yip, 53


When quizzed about the secret to her youthful look and clear, porcelain skin, Amber’s Japanese friend gave her her first silica essence to see the results for herself.

After a few months of consumption, not only did the silica essence relieved Amber’s long term dry and itchy, sensitive skin, her hair and nails grew stronger and healthier too. Since then, she has been sharing this amazing product to her family, friends and loved ones who also reaped the health benefits of silica. Amber’s husband's cholesterol level dropped and her children’s immune system were boosted. More amazingly, her uncle’s permanent hair loss showed small strands of baby hair growth after applying silica essence on his problem area for 2 months.

Countless irrefutable evidence of skin, beauty and health benefits of silica led Amber to give birth to REJUQ. Since then, more and more people in Singapore and from other parts of the world are sharing in the benefits of this made-in-Japan silica essence.

Why not try yours today?