Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Silica

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We live in a fast-paced world that relies heavily upon fast food and processed foods for convenience. These kinds of food are typically unhealthy. It’s not surprising why many of us suffer from diseases that could easily be avoided. Two of the most common diseases are high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

High cholesterol levels can lead to minor or severe strokes. Recommended medications may do more harm than good due to their uncomfortable side effects - dry mouth, loss of sleep, upset stomach, consistent drowsiness, and so on.

“REJUQ Shirika helped lowered my cholesterol level from 260mg/dl to 200mg/dl in 5 months! I’m glad that I do not have to take any medication now.” Sam, 38.

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The good news is that silica is known to lower cholesterol naturally from the body without overwhelming side effects. Even though silica is available in powdered form or in pills, Japan’s water-soluble silica is the most superior option, as it is readily absorbed into the blood stream to tackle unwanted cholesterol. It also provides a more effective internal detox of your entire body by helping your organs function properly, thus breaking down the bad cholesterol while preserving the healthy cholesterol. What’s more, silica initiates the removal of plaque in your veins and arteries, greatly reducing your chance of having a stroke or heart attack.

Silica will stay in the body for 3-6 hours doing its ‘detox’ job, ultimately excreting the toxins though the urine.

A majority of silica consumers not only experienced lower levels of cholesterol, but also feel better with their triglyceride and blood pressure levels normalised, hence enjoying a better quality of life.

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