One of Celebrities’ Best Kept Non-Surgical Beauty Secret: Silica


Who says being a celebrity is easy? Behind those impeccable looks, charm and glamour is a lot of hard work and maintenance. That unblemished grandeur and stardom can drive us to the point of envy, leaving us to hunt endlessly for ways and miracles to achieve similar results.

Unfortunately, many of the celebrities’ beauty secrets can be unreachable to us due to the high price tags attached to their treatments. However, the good news is that silica happens to be one of the latest affordable and non-surgical beauty trends that are getting their endorsements.

Hollywood celebrities such as Megan Fox and Paris Hilton are known to consume silica. In Japan, many of their local celebrities* have been drinking silica for years to maintain their looks and health.

Among silica’s most powerful features are the ability to delay ageing, treat acne and fade scars. By maintaining the functionality and efficiency of our organs, silica helps to support and stimulate the production of collagen to tackle wrinkles and speed up healing of scar tissue. Apart from strengthening their hair and nails, silica also helps to burn fat by emulsifying lipids in celebrities’ bodies and boost their energy to help them cope with their hectic and busy schedules.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a bomb in achieving the same goals. Why not try some silica today?

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