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Louis P

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895 ), a famous French microbiologist and chemist also known as father of microbiology, who discovered Vaccination and Pasteurisation had predicted 100 years ago that  Silica would play a major role in the science of therapy and skincare and proclaimed silica as the ultimate future remedy.  

Louis Kervran
Corentin Louis Kervran (3 March 1901 – 2 February 1983) was a  famous French scientist best known in his study of biological transformation. In 1993, Kervran was awarded a parodic Ig Nobel prize due to his "improbable research" in biological transmutation.

Dr Kervran research suggested that Silica is more vital in bone formation than calcium. Silica has the power to remineralize calcium into bone. This means that osteoporosis could be prevented and treated.


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 桧田 仁 (医学博士)

Director of JMSIS (Japan Medical Science Insitute of Silicon)

Doctor of Medical Sciences Medical Corporation
Junichi Hito Hino Hospital
Chairman and Honorary Director

He believed that medical reform should be promoted through the promotion of preventive medicine, integrated medicine and alternative medicine.



Click here to see the panels of doctors in JMSIS (Japan Medical Science Insitute of Silicon). It comprises of dentist, anti-aging doctor, doctor of agriculture and medical doctors etc.




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Panels of researchers in the Japan Silicon Medical Research: 

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