Who needs REJUQ Shirika ?

The question “Who needs REJUQ Shirika ?” Everyone!

Especially when it comes to the changes our bodies undergo as we climb the steps of age; our body tends to lose about 80% of Silica content by the time we develop into fully mature adults and the loss worsens as we grow older.

Presence of Silica in our body means, a better health, more beautiful hair and skin, flexibility and suppleness and a lot more; now who doesn’t want them. Still addressing the rich attributes of Silica we can classify their benefits for people from different walks of life.

REJUQ for beauty:

Silica is most known for its application in the cosmetic world; it is available in a vast range of beauty products and serves various purposes like exfoliation, acne treatment, facial and skin treatments etc.


It is known for its anti-ageing properties as it helps in reducing the wrinkles, fading the dark spots, providing a radiant and supple skin, strong and lustrous hair and a lot more upon its consumption.


REJUQ for athletes or people who work-out:

Besides, several abrasion resistant products like knee pads, elbow pads, arm guards etc. silica can be a very important part of an athlete’s nutrition plan for following reasons.


Silica has numerous health benefits that can certainly boost an athletic performance;

  • Silica builds a protein called collagen that is the most significant part of connective tissues that hold our body together.
  • In association with calcium and magnesium it strengthens the bones and also helps to heal fractures at an enhanced pace.
  • It provides flexibility and strength to our body cells thereby increasing the cardiovascular efficacy of the body, which is very important for all the athletes.


REJUQ for aged people:

As we grow, we lose several of our bodies abilities that results into a timid and restricted lifestyle.

  • Silica due to its repairing and maintaining properties tends greatly to the old age problems like arthritis and osteoporosis as it helps in preventing leeching of bones, ossification and joint abrasion.


  • It is a great anti-toxin that prevents the accumulation of aluminium in body, which is believed to be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease; hence it is likely to prevent Alzheimer’s in ageing people.


REJUQ for children:

Children these days tend to fall sick very easier. This is due to their low immune system and their over reliant on antibiotics. Silica enhanced the immune system of the child and also ensure that the child is absorbing enough nutrients for their growing body.

sick kids


REJUQ for Pets: 

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Due to environmental pollution and consumption of processed food these days, our pets immune system is compromise. Silica can help to regain our pets health and boost their natural healing ability. We can mix water with part Silica for their consumption and we can use it to spray on their body. It's disinfection and sterilization property will enable to rid of the pet's smell and also help to prevent excessive fur loss.


REJUQ for injuries:

Silica exhibits great healing prowess, especially when it comes to enhancing the bone repairing and fracture healing; it is also used in bio-active glass that is a bone implant which stimulates bone formation in case of severe bone injuries. Silica also helps with repairing of lung tissues.




REJUQ in everyday life

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A healthy lifestyle is what we all seek and Silica in all its elements has huge application for a healthy life. With its numerous benefits from medical and health benefits like maintaining our bone strength, normalising blood pressure,reducing cholesterol, resisting age, helping with old age health issues to its application in beautification by providing gorgeous skin, beautiful hair, strong shiny nails and a lot more. Silica is certainly the most important trace mineral in our everyday life.