Brand Story

The Birth of REJUQ

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The idea for REJUQ was born when founder, Amber, experienced this wonderful product herself. It was a gift given to her by a good friend from Japan. Her Japanese friend had been consuming it for years. Looking at her friend's porcelain clear skin and youthful look, Amber was tempted to try out. 

After a few months of consumption and application, it solved her own dry, itchy and sensitive skin problem which had been bothering her for year!  On top of that, the 'side effect' was healthier hair and nails! Her husband's cholesterol level dropped. Even her children benefited from it and their immune system improved.

She was delighted and amazed  by the effect and began sharing it with her close friends and relatives. The results from those who used were fascinating. Her uncle whom suffered from hair loss for a long time began to shown strain of baby hair growing after applying for 2 months. Her close friend used to be an introvert because of her body odour problem was grateful to Amber for recommending her this product. She has gained back her self confident and is happily attached now! 

Amber knew that this product really works and wish that more people will benefit from it. After a year of painstaking research, testing, design and development, REJUQ Shirika made its debut on REJUQ Shirika not only improves ones' external beauty but most importantly, it improves one's health.

One bottle with countless goodness for everyone, who wouldn't want to own it!