What is Shirika?

About Shirika

Shirika is the Japanese word for Silica. Silica is one of the most abundant elements in the universe after oxygen and it is an essential trace element needed in every part of the human’s body and skeletal structure. Silica is found most predominantly in the connective tissues - skin, blood vessels, cartilage, bone, teeth, tendons and hair. The daily dietary requirement of Silica is about 10-20mg. 


Where can we get Silica from?


Silica comes from fruits and vegetable that we consume daily like cucumbers, oats, rice,wheat,avocados, beer etc. Unfortunately, most of the foods that we eat are deficient in silica, since many of our foods have lost minerals due to being over-processed, and are grown in soil that is demineralized, due to erosion and the use of chemical fertilizers. Deficiency in Silica will be evident in brittle nails, premature aging, thinning of hair, poor bone development, osteoporosis, Alzheimer etc.



unique properties of  REJUQ Shirika 


1.Emulsifies oil with water


oil and water

Oil with water emulsified and turned milky when Silica was added into it. 


2.Neutralizes acidic food and fluid




3.Remove pesticide from fruits and vegetable


remove pesticide


4.Antioxidant property, Inhibits oxidation


nails title

nails b4 after

After 1-2 week:

Clear water container: Pins did not oxidized in water with Silica      

Coloured water container:  Pins oxidized in water without Silica 


5.Extracts nutrients from food


tea leaf

2 Tea Bags were added into 2 cups of cold water. Silica was added into the second cup. The above showed that the essence from the tea bag was extracted out in seconds upon adding of a few drops of Silica into it. 


6.Strong penetration property



Silica has strong penetration power. It can easily be absorbed into the deepest layer of the skin tissue to repair the damaged cell.


7. Anti inflammation property

Silica has anti-inflammation property. It helps to speed up wound healing.