Why REJUQ Shirika?

REJUQ Shirika is produced wholly in Japan. This ‘Rejuvenating Shirika Essence’ was the result of years of intensive research and development from scientists in Japan. It is the world’s first silica that was dissolved from crystals in water.

Utilizing state of the art technology, 99.9% refined silica crystal together with pure mountain water was heated up for 8 hours at a high temperature of 2000 degree before the pure vaporised Silica water can be collected.

This unique silica extraction technology was world’s first and patented in Japan. Silica water has been consumed in Japan for more than a decade and currently millions are still consuming it every day.

extraction process

REJUQ Shirika  is manufactured according to Japan’s stringent GMP standard and it is further endorsed by The Japan Medical Science Institute of Silicon (JMSIS) and the Japan Silicon Medical Research for the safety in consumption and application since 2006. Tested to be free from heavy metal from SGS Singapore.



Product is wholly made in Japan according to the stringent GMP standard.




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