Still doubt our silica essence? Let our REJUQ Shirika users* tell you their life-changing testimonials:

“Thanks to REJUQ Shirika for solving my body and foot odour problems! I can feel the difference in just one application. I have been suffering from the problem for the past 10 years and nothing worked for me until I found this product! Most products in the market just helped to mask the smell but REJUQ Shirika treated and eliminated the root of my odour problems. Thanks” - Doris, 36

“I just wanted to thank you for recommending this amazing product to me a 1 year ago. As I aged, I noticed that there was an awful-looking brown spot on my upper eyelid. I have tried using various medications and creams but the spot remained. When I started consuming and using REJUQ Shirika for the past 1 year, I was happy to see the brown spot slowly fading away.” - Mdm Pang, 68

“Thanks to REJUQ Shirika! I'm now 80% acne free. It has given me a new lease of confidence. I've tried everything from acne medication to all sorts of skincare products but my acne problem remained unsolved. I believed that my acne was caused by the high acidity level in my blood and accumulated toxins from the foods that I consumed. By drinking and applying REJUQ Shirika for about 3 months, my acne was totally solved!" - Carrie, 22

“My hair loss problem was hereditary and it had gotten worse as the years passed. Coupled with tremendous work stress that I was facing recently, my rate of hair loss had accelerated. My wife, who had been consuming REJUQ Shirika for months urged me to try some on my scalp together with the hair tonic that she had bought for me. I was skeptical at first but felt that I had nothing to lose by just trying. After two months of rigorously applying and drinking, baby hair started to appear on my bald head! It has taken me by surprise! Thanks REJUQ!" - Nathan, 55

""A few drops of silica essence were added into my daily skincare routine, particularly into my rose hip oil, which I stopped applying to my face since it caused me breakouts. The silica instantly emulsified the oil. After a moment’s hesitation, I carefully rubbed it onto my ugly scars. The results were visibly noticeable the next day. For the first time, there was no breakout and the scars seemed to have faded a little. Despite sleeping with the air-con on everyday, the moisturising effect on my skin prolonged till the next morning. " - Maria Fung, 32

REJUQ Shirika helped lowered my cholesterol level from 260mg/dl to 200mg/dl in 5 months! I’m glad that I do not have to take any medication now.” - Sam, 38

“I have been consuming REJUQ Shirika for the past 8 months and it solved my uric acid, high cholesterol and high blood pressure problems which had been with me for years!” - Mdm Yip, 53

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual, and may differ from others. If unsure, you can read our FAQs or consult your doctor before taking REJUQ Shirika.